Sunday, May 12, 2013

Hey guys! Today was Mother's Day! I spent the day with my Grandma, Great Grandma, and my (great?) Aunt! (Sadly not with my mom because she had to work today ;A;) We went to brunch together :D We went to this buffet-style restaurant that my cousin picked out! (the food was pretty good) Before we got to the restaurant, my great grandmother gave us all these little pins that she made x3

Isn't it cute?  She made one for each one of us <3 font="" size="2">(I love her so much!!)

And after brunch I went shopping with my grandma, and then she dropped me off at home (So I could wait till my mom got home!)

It was a pretty fun Mother's Day (though I wish my mom didn't have to work ;3;)

Until tomorrow!

-Leilani :3

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