Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Attempting VEDA

Hey guys! This will be a quick post. I am participating in VEDA (vlogging everyday in april)

I just posted my first video for the month :D

(Sorry for the awkwardness of my voice, I'm just getting over a cold)

What do you think? 
Until next time!


Monday, March 24, 2014


Hey guys! Just a quick post before I fall asleep (its hella late/early but I'm on spring break so idgaf lol)

I changed my header!!!!

I went from this:

to this:

I think the new one has a cuter feel than the old one (and its kinda more spring-like), but I don't know how long I'm going to keep it... I might change it again soon for a more "mature" feeling header. idk. What do you think?

That's all I've got to say. Good night/morning!
Until next time!


Monday, March 3, 2014


Another random post (lol) 
I can't get enough of the new 2ne1 album (Crush). Especially the new MVs:

Come Back Home

I recommend watching in HD cause this video is so badass

This song. Oh. My. God. Its so good. I could listen to it on repeat (I have lol) 
The video is perfect. (I really love the graphics) 


I recommend watching in HD cause this video is so beautiful

This song makes me feel so good. I love the brightness of the video and all of the colors involved. I really love the animations that were added to video. It all matches the song so perfectly.  If I were to make videos this is definitely the feeling I would want them to give off (and also the quality). It just perfect.

In addition to the videos that have been released, the album itself is so solid. Each song on the album works perfectly with the others. My favorite songs on the album (in addition to Come Back Home and Happy) are:


This is my favorite song from CL. I wish she did this song for her solo work instead of Baddest Female. This song gets me so pumped. Its so good. 


The title song from the album. It is the perfect opening song. It pumps you up and sucks you in for the rest of the album. I am so in love.

I am most definitely buying this album (I haven't decided on whether or not I would get the black or pink version of the CD though). I need this album in my life physically. I am so proud of the girls. This album is what's up.

That is all I've got to say for this post. (I love 2ne1) I'll end this with NOLZA!
Until next time!


Ps.  Gotta be you is amazing too!!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014


Hey guys! How have you been? The title of this post seems a little random, right? Well, today, I wanted to talk about colors.

I've noticed that every year I tend to gravitate towards a "new" color. Like, 2013 was a very blue year for me. Deep royal blues to light sky blues. Even turquoise. Blue was my power color last year (especially in pastel).  I noticed blue everywhere, I wore a lot of blue, and I even had blue in my hair. 

However, this year (since the start of January) I've been feeling very red

This is the yarn that I used for my hair. I'll show the styling in another post

I've had red in my hair already this year (and I'm definitely doing it again).

A few dresses, skirts, and a shirt that I was able to find in my dorm closet.

 I have a growing collection of red clothes in my wardrobe. 

The color is in Alabama

I've even worn red on my lips (red lipstick is awesome af). And I am not one for make up (I love it but I don't  wear it often) 

This color (especially in the darker, sexier shades ie. wine red) gives me so many feelings. Its Intense. Passionate. Hot. Angry. Loving. It carries so many strong emotions that I'm actually inspired (lol inspired) to make this year more red. I want to do things more passionately. Carry more intensity about myself. To become more mature. To be more loving. To be a better me.

Red is such an empowering color (at least for me this year). I'm really glad its on my brain. I'll leave you today with a question.

What is your power color for this year?
Until next time!

-Leilani :3

Ps. Red also makes kinda hungry lol I've had the weirdest cravings over the last few weeks lololol 

Pps. I love Kingdom Hearts. I love this song. Its also called Passion. good bye forreal now lol

Thursday, January 9, 2014


Hey guys! This is going to a bit of (lol a bit) okay, a huge nerdy post. I'm a tech nerd and this past week was (well technically its still going on)  CES 2014 (CES stands for the Consumer Electronics Show) And today I just wanted to talk about (and make a mental note of) all of the cool technology that is available (and soon to be available to consumers) that really caught my eye this year!

The Sony 4k Handycam

How sick is this, a 4k camera that doesn't cost an arm and a leg that isn't the size of a horse (I may be exaggerating a little lol) It also is one of the few 4k cameras that takes internal storage!! Its consumer sized and consumer priced :) (though I really need to get a job if I even want think about buying one of these)

The Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2

So I may be a little bit biased about how amazing this tablet is because I've always had an extremely soft spot (or extreme desire lol) for practically ALL of the Samsung Galaxy Note products. Even the phone that I want to upgrade to next is the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 (which can shoot 4k video :D how cool is that)

Anyway, this thing is a beast, and I've been wanting a Samsung Galaxy Note Tablet for I'd say nearly 2 years now (maybe more? I've wanted one ever since they were first announced). Though the only sad thing about this tablet so far is that it doesn't have the s pen; which is the feature that really drew me to the Samsung Galaxy Note in the first place. If this year is the year for me to get a tablet, then I am seriously hoping to get the either The Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 or Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2. (Whichever is the best for me. I will be patient for this tablet!)

LG Mirror and Transparent Displays

(hnnnnn transparent and mirror displays)

Now this is the technology of my dreams. The possibilities are unlimited. This technology really made me scream fuuuutttuuuuurre. I can't wait until more is done with this technology and it becomes more accessible and widespread. 

Samsung Galaxy Camera 2

This is an interesting little camera. The original galaxy camera also caught my attention when it first came out. It combines the functionality of a point and shoot (maybe even a little better than that) camera with an android OS (so its like a little tablet) Though neither part of this device is all that outstanding on its own, combined together this would be a very neat blogging device. Because of the android OS all of your social media apps are right there so sharing is super easy. Plus, the camera is of much better quality than any phone.

LG 34-inch UltraWide QHD Monitor

hnnnnnnnnn display *-*

Asus Transformer Book Duet

One of the first tablets that I considered (before falling in love with the Samsung Galaxy Note series) was the Asus Transformer. It really brought both the functionality of a tablet and a laptop to the table (and that was something I really used to look for). I used to be a HUGE fan of Asus (it was one of my favorite brands). Back when Netbooks were a thing, I researched and then waited 2 years to get my dream Asus eee pc (its so freaking adorable, what happened to it another story for another time)

Anyway, the Transformer is a really cool device. And now that Asus is incorporating TWO OS systems into one device, everything is just on a completely new level. 

Well this is all that's really caught my eye for now. If anything else catches my eye I will definitely make a part 2 to this post! Isn't this stuff cool? (or am I geeking out a little too hard?) Until next time!

-Leilani :3

Ps. I have realized that I have extremely expensive desires. I really need to work hard and get that moola so that I support myself and my desires lol (my parents wont be able to help me forever)

Pps. If you don't know what 4k is then check out this video  (by my current youtube crush)

And for a video example of recorded 4k quality check out this video

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