Saturday, June 14, 2014

Style Inspo/Wishlist: DreamV Edition

Hey guys its been a while! (again) 
This is just a random post about how I'm feeling fashion wise :)
A lot of these clothes are for the winter or fall time (or can easily be converted to winter/fall clothes). I go to school in the north, and the winters are really long and cold. So I've become prone to searching for winter items. Also, I recently got a job, so I'm also looking for clothes that I can easily wear for business or casual situations. I hardly have any business clothes now, and I really need them for my job.

With this shirt/dress. I could wear it in both the summer or fall, and then wear it with legging/tights/pants for the winter :) 

I feel the same about this dress too! Except its tailored more to the fall/winter.

This outfit is ridiculously adorable! (I'd get it in blue) And it could totally be dressed up.

A casual blazer is a must have. I need one.

I sweaters nearly everyday. Sweater dress = must.

Cute and business-y!

I like maxi dresses. They're really pretty. (but they make me look short)

Cute dress that I can wear for any winter appointments that I make :D

This dress looks super elegant. It looks regal. I'd feel like a princess in this dress.

I feel like lately I've been attracted to less casual styles than before. I think getting a job has definitely made me more conscious of the clothing that I might need in my future. I know these clothes aren't 100% professional (and are still cutesy), but they're definitely closer to that image than what I used to be into.

Well, that's all for today! 
I've got some awesome news coming up soon :) Until next time!


Ps. I changed my layout, what do you think?

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

I Feel Magical!

Hey guys! I'm back again with another quick post.
Recently, I commissioned some art from a blogger that I really admire, and she finished the piece today :D

Here's the picture:

Isn't it gorgeous!!!!! 

I sent her 2 reference pictures of myself, and told my favorite colors (I gave her as much artistic freedom as she wanted), and this is the wonderful beautiful result (it me :D)  

Now I need to get some pink lenses and grey hair, and everything will be perfect! lol 
I am so in love with this picture. Thank you so much Lorina!

Her tumblr :)

Until next time!


Sunday, May 4, 2014

I'm excited :)

Hey guys! This is just going to be another short random post (for some reason I always have the motivation to post whenever I have larger projects and exams to prepare for...). Recently, I've made some purchases that I'm really excited to see arrive :D 

The first on is this skirt the I ordered from a South African shop/website called MRP.

The skirt was only $10 :D (though shipping was $12) I hope it's as cute in person as it is in the picture!

And today I bought the Onyx x Beautiful Textures Curl Manageability Kit (though I seriously hate the title of this product)

Lately, I've been really bored with my hair, and though I've been doing tons of different hairstyles (I even dyed it red for a little bit) I'm bored. I haven't worn my hair in a straight style for nearly a year now. So, I'm kind of interested in wearing it straight for a little bit. The Texture Manageability System (I'm just gonna call it TMS) is, from what I've heard, supposed to be totally reversible, help reduced frizz, and help make your hair more resistant to humidity after you straighten it. I know that my hair is very easily susceptible to reversion from even the slightest  humidity. So, I really want to see for myself if this product is all its cracked up to be.

Also, I am aware of the ingredients within this product, and I recognized the fact that it does contain forms of keratin. I know that this isn't a completely natural product, and if this had been a while ago I would've been really against using this (because its basically a watered down keratin treatment). But now, I don't really care. I want to experiment and try different things with my hair :)
Onyx, where I bought TMS, is an online beauty box subscription that catered towards women (or men if beauty is your thing) of color. I recently saw an unboxing and review of this box, and I'm considering trying it out. It's $25 a month, but you get 4 full sized products and then one sample of an item of your choice (or that's what I believe happens, correct me if I'm wrong). It seems interesting, and I definitely want to get more into beauty stuff. So onyx might be an option for the future :D

Well that's all that I've ordered recently, and I can't wait until my items arrive!
Until next time!


Wednesday, April 30, 2014

I made a Facebook Page!

Hey guys! This is a quick random post.

 So, while I've been procrastinating on my project, I made (well published) a fb page :D Technically, its been sitting around since my birthday last year, but I published it today :)  It's probably the best place to stay updated because I'll be posting things there from here, youtube, instagram, and other random things.

(its kind of sad right now because there are 0 likes ;3;)

Hope to stay in touch! Until next time!


Saturday, April 26, 2014

Obsessed with Play

Hey guys! Lately, I've been nonstop listening to Akdong Musician's newest album. Akdong Musician (or AKMU) is a young brother sister duo. The brother, Lee Chanhyuk, is 17. He wrote and composed the entire album. The sister, Lee Soohyun, is 15 and is the main vocalist in the group. Her voice is angelic! I really love how talented both of them are (and not gonna lie, I kind of proud of their youth) They inspire me! Young people can really do amazing things!

The top single, 200%

This song is so cute and catchy. I totally understand those feelings of admiring someone from afar.

My favorite song on the album, Melted

This song is so deep! and the lyrics are really powerful. The blending between the english and korean is perfect imo

My other favorite song of of the album (that isn't a single) is Galaxy. Its the last song to play and it is so soothing~

If you don't use itunes (like me) you can preview and buy the album here :)

Until next time!


Ps. For some reason html isn't really showing up that well on Chrome... So if this post looks strange try using a different browser

Pps. If you can't see the link picture here's another link to the album Play

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